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The Native American Radio Service

KABU 90.7 FM - Signal strength: 6,000 watts

“The Heartbeat of the Spirit Lake Nation”

John Chaske, Station Manager
Candice Anderson, Receptionist/Broadcaster
Ken Chaske, Maintenance Tech/Broadcaster

Jocelyn Alberts
Rusty Iceman
Sarah Alberts
Arnold Calf

Physical/Mailing Address:
7889 HWY 57 South
St. Michael, ND 58370

Telephone Number:
Fax: 701-766-4068

Email Address:

Business Hours:
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Mission Statement:
Serving the Spirit Lake Tribe as the foremost communication link, disseminating important health, education & employment information & services offered by the Federal, ND State and Tribal service programs. Develop radio programming that reflects our Native Dakota heritage in support of local efforts to preserve the Spirit Lake Dakota Sioux Language & Culture.

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