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The Native American Radio Service

KABR 1500 AM - Signal strength: 1,000 watts

ďYouíre listening to KABR on the Southwestern Part of the Navajo ReservationĒ

Licensee: Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc.

Sarah Apache, Station Manager
Ruby Herrera, Program Director

P.O. Box 907
Magdalena, NM 87825

Physical Address:
(KABR is located on the Alamo School Campus)
32 Miles North on HWY 169
Magdalena, NM. 87825

Telephone Number:
575-854-2541 / 575-854-2632, ext 1600
Fax: 575-854-2545

Business Hours:
Sunday 8am- 4pm
Monday 7am- 5pm

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of KABR Community radio to provide news, information, educational programming and entertainment to the Alamo Navajo Community and surrounding communities of Magdalena, Datil, Toí hajiilee, Laguna-Acoma and nearby ranching families and tourist traveling on I-40.
GOAL: It is the goal of KABR community radio to empower and enrich the lives of its listeners with information and educational programming that will increase their ability to make personal and community decisions, to participate more fully in local and global government, to participate more fully in the process of lifelong learning, and to preserve their cultural identity.


Empowering listeners with informational and educational programming means providing programming that is accessible and understandable. As 85% of KABRís listening audience is bilingual Navajo/English with Navajo being the first language and majority of these listeners are monolingual Navajo, it is the philosophy of KABR to provide bilingual Navajo/English programming wherever possible. As there is little or no programming available in Navajo, a majority of KABRís programming is bilingual Navajo/English with many English programs or services being translated by KABR staff. KABR staff produces all the local programming including Community News, Jobline, Health/Safety Prevention, Parent Program, Navajo Language, Elderly program and Special Reports. It has been KABRís experience that bilingual format in Navajo and English not only helps to increase English language skills, but improves vocabulary and languages skills in Navajo as well.

KABR Signed on the air: February 14th, 1984

Volunteer DJs

We really appreciate these following students who have been volunteering and keeping our listenerís entertained with their variety music.
'DJ Bubbles' AKA Lily Apachito
'DJ Jane' AKA Judith Secatero
'DJ TJ' AKA Timothy Apache, Jr.
'DJ Way' AKA Weylin Apachito

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