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Native Voice One (NV1) educates, advocates, and celebrates Native American life and culture by providing a program service from a Native point of view. This service is for everyone interested in Native American news, culture, music, events, and life.

NV1 enables Native people, especially those who do not have access to the many reservation and village-based Native owned and operated stations, to stay connected. Many Native stations and independent radio producers contribute Native-oriented programs to NV1 for inclusion in the NV1 program service.

NV1 broadcasts the Native voice through affiliate Native and other radio stations and via internet radio on http://www.nv1.org/.

Our Programs
Native America Calling
Native America Calling is a one-hour call-in talk show that airs live Monday - Friday at 1 pm ET. The program engages noted guests and listeners in a thought-provoking national conversation from a Native perspective. Hosted by Tara Gatewood (Isleta).
National Native News
National Native News is a five-minute, weekday newscast dedicated to Native issues, that compiles spot news reports from around the country, anchored by Antonia Gonzales (Navajo).
UnderCurrents is a thoughtful yet playful freeform music mix of rock, folk, blues, reggae, dub, electronica, hip-hop, world and roots music, and an excellent selection of contemporary Native artists. Hosted by Gregg McVicar (Tlingit), 5 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Earthsongs is a one-hour weekly modern mix of today's Indigenous artists who are setting new directions in blues, folk, jazz, country, reggae, and hip-hop. Hosted by Alexis Sallee (Inupiaq/ Mexican American).
Soul Deluxe is a weekly two-hour eclectic entree of soul music infused with electronic, disco, funk, hip-hop, house, jazz, and R&B, hosted by Byron Fenix (Navajo/Hopi).
American Indian Living
American Indian Living, a one-hour weekly talk show focusing on health issues in Indian country, viewed in a holistic way in keeping with traditional Native perspectives, hosted by David DeRose M.D.

Voices from the Circle
Voices from the Circle is a weekly one-hour show that brings you traditional and contemporary Native music, entertainment, storytelling, poetry, and pow wow trail information and events, hosted by Jim DeNomie (Bad River Chippewa) and Barbara Jersey (Menominee/Potawatomi).
Talking Drum is a weekly half-hour program featuring music from the powwow trail across the Nations with your host Marge Kalama (Warm Springs). Whether you are a young buck or old school traditional,Talking Drum offers a mix of new and old songs recorded in studios or live at powwows big and small.
Word With A Champ
Word with a Champ is a five-minute weekly radio show featuring up-close and personal interviews with professional and amateur athletes from rodeos to motor sports, hosted by professional sports announcer Randy Taylor (Cherokee).

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